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The Department

Evolution and scale:

The broad and growing field of hospitality is one of the world's largest industries. In response to this growing demand for hospitality professionals, Southern Taiwan University Of Science Technology offers one of the best Hospitality Management programs in Taiwan. Established in 2006, the Department aspires to be the premier Hospitality Management education program in the Southern Taiwan area. Currently, the Department offers degrees including Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Hospitality Management. 


The Department of Hospitality teachers have many kinds of skills , two professors, five associate professors, five assistant professors, one technical assistant professor and two lecturers.

College objective:

This department's educational objectives are to train students with technique skills and morals. The Department of Hospitality combines hospitality management theories and pragmatic abilities for teaching, including strengthening humanistic qualities, foreign languages, and information technology skills. We also cooperate with government programs, adopt an international perspective, and promote professional hospitality talents.

Research institution objective:

To train the students to catch up the trend of industries and global  perspective, to create research, work experiences, enthusiasm talents. 

Department feature

Pragmatic courses

The department has implemented plans that enable graduates to process not only professional skills but also lifelong learning abilities. In order to improve teaching quality and courses selection for students, the department works with other departments for curriculum planning using the university's E-Map  (Employability Map) system.

High quality teaching equipment

Our department has two main teaching areas. First, are eight training classes, including Chinese culinary, Western culinary, pastry, beverage, restaurant and hotel, banquet, hotel, and hospitality business research & development.

Excellent course and guidance service

Our department offers guidance at different stages to help students quickly find employment after graduation.

Experienced faculty

Nine of our teachers have thirteen licenses in international hospitality including the American hotel association of hospitality supervision CHS, the American department of hospitality trainers CHDT, and the American hospitality training manager CHT. Our full time teachers work in hospitality and education.

Industry-academia cooperation
Our  faculty has both academic and industry experience. Have multi areas and work abilities experiences. We look forward to exchanges with different companies, as the university provides incentives, and encourages academic researches and industrial collaboration.